Generally speaking, of course, cats loved adventure, jewels, pretty things and romance. The pragmatic coyotes’ thoughts were always on the temporal world. The foxes loved freedom. Goats were spiritual creatures whose hearts longed to serve. Wolves were bitter and envious killers incapable of love. Mice, so determined to survive, thought much like the coyotes. Dogs? […]


More About Goats

Goats took unique vows of silence. One goat might take a mutual vow with a sibling or friend, while another might never speak. They each had a personal reason for their choice. Though different, each vow allowed them to focus on listening, observing, anticipating and servicing the needs of others. They connected without words. The […]


Most goats, certainly not all, but most, committed themselves to service. They routinely subordinated themselves to the other species, and each other. They cooked, cleaned and did the necessary but unpleasant chores. Do not confuse them with what you would call a slave. Though some were quite sad, they served by choice. Goats who served […]