Triangle Club

Rivals with the Oval club, the Triangle club dogs were primarily butchers. Livestock of all kinds were kept around their clubhouse. They made pizza, as all the clubs did, but they were best known throughout the lands for their sausages, best described as lightly spiced Italian, but sweet like a Kielbasa. Their pizzas were probably […]

Evolution to Eight Clubs

In the beginning there were four dog baseball clubs, Infinity, Stripe, Triangle and Arch. Through agreements, disagreements, and subterfuge the number expanded to six and finally eight. First, members of Infinity Club left to pursue a philosophy they called natural existence, forming Bone Club. It was an amicable split. At the same time, members of […]


Bone Club

Bone Club consisted of dogs that were unusual in one way or another. Despite their differences and inability to get along internally, they shared a bonding ritual. They rolled in feces. Their members were typically cast-offs from the other clubs, and over the seasons this created a unique unity within their ranks. To outsiders they […]


Pi Club

The members of Pi Club were Barkingburgh’s statisticians. They provided scorekeepers for every game, and kept the historical records. Their clubhouse was a circular stone tower. It was as permanent a structure as could be found in Barkingburgh. Stored vertically in bookshelves along the inner walls, with the oldest on bottom, were the records. For […]