The Jug of Dog

The Jug of Dog should not be confused with the international trophy, The Barkingburgh Jug. The Jug of Dog was a humble water container with the symbol for ‘dog’ on the side.

Barkingburgh and the Woofberht mountain dogs of the north played baseball to settle disputes, or to mark the importance of a large trade of goods. The winner of these games took home the Jug of Dog, but that wasn’t always the case. The story of its origins are below.

After a game in Barkingburgh many seasons ago, the Woofberht dogs departed with an ordinary jug stored in one of their wagons. The dogs of Barkingburgh, noticing one was missing from their stores, sent puddlers north to search. They caught up to the suspected thieves a days walk from the cliffs, but the northern dogs insisted the jug was theirs. “It has the symbol for dog on it, so it must be ours,” they argued sincerely.

After much barking, Woofberht agreed to return to Barkingburgh for a game in two moons. The winner would keep the jug, and save face. The Woofberht dogs won that second game, but both packs grumbled afterwards.

“Thieves,” the Barkingburgh mutts said.

“Liars,” said the Woofberht dogs.

The anger subsided over the seasons, and shouts of, “Thief,” and, “Liar,” were received with good humor. Baseball calmed the situation, and The Jug of Dog was revered as a symbol of peace. Others created tales later that attributed the jug with magical powers, but I can’t speak to their accuracy.


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