Sit Stay Slide Sixteen

Sit Stay Slide Sixteen, formerly Beverly Beagle, was a female ball player that came out of Barkingburgh. She was a member of the Infinity, and later, Bone Club, going on to play internationally after a brief stay in the Dog Intra-species League.

She earned her nickname as a Junior with Infinity wearing the number sixteen. The story is as follows.

A teammate injured himself hitting a double and required a pinch runner. Before the coach could put someone in, Beverly ran on to the field. The coach barked, “Sit,” but she went anyway. Impressed with her initiative, and too tired to argue, he let her go.

The next batter hit a fly ball to left field, and as Beverly tagged up, the coach barked, “Stay!” Ignoring the instruction she dashed off to third with her fur flapping in the breeze. The coach barked, “Slide,” as the throw sailed wide. Without hesitating, she rounded third and sprinted towards home. The third baseman bobbled the ball, and rushed a throw home that was so high, it hit the owl hovering overhead.

Coach told Beverly to sit, to stay, and to slide. She ignored him completely and became Sit Stay Slide Sixteen.


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