The Trades

We would have all liked to play baseball forever, but that just wasn’t possible. Eventually, a young dog needed to pick a skill or trade.

Messenger dogs, or puddlers, were envied. Their lives were filled with travel and excitement. However, not everyone could do that either. Dogs were also bakers, butchers, farmers, gardeners, tanners, carpenters, stone masons, moms and dads.

Other than ballplayers and puddlers, one trade wasn’t more prestigious than another. That’s not to say that one wasn’t more in demand than another. A butcher could receive much in trade for his meats, while a gardener’s services might not fetch much at all. However, a talented gardener was sought out and appreciated.

Young dogs deciding their futures relied heavily on their families. For example, if a dog’s parents were butchers, there was a good chance he would be too. There were exceptions, as family friends, aunts or uncles took apprentices.


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