Arch Club, as previously mentioned here, were very goat-like in their teachings. There was one more way they were similar, they sought what the goats called bahstah, a state of exhausted enlightenment. Having never attempted this myself I can only explain it as it was explained to me.

Bahstah was achieved by repeating a simple physical task to the point of exhaustion. At first, the body took directions from the mind. After more repetition, the body, now tired, ignored pain and continued because the mind willed it to do so. Finally, the mind tired too, and the individual’s spirit willed her to go on. These moments before and just after completion were euphoric and strengthened the individuals spirit for eternity.

Goats typically sought this through labor in the service of others. The Arch Club dogs, however, sought it by practicing their baseball skills. For example, fielding endless ground balls, swinging a bat over and over, or throwing buckets of baseballs against a wall until collapse were typical.


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