Often ignored and yet still present within other societies, the mice enjoyed a rough scavenger existence. Everyone knew they were there, but whether it was due to their size, silence, or powerlessness they too often went forgotten.

Barkingburgh and the other dog settlements gave them consideration. We had a saying, remember the mice, used to emphasize the importance of considering all things with one’s choices.

The coyotes were also kind to them, but treated them more as pets. A coyote would say they treated them like family, but that’s another discussion.

Goats treated mice as equals. I think more of them would have lived with the goats except that goat’s simple austere society left little for the mice who had no concept of willing self-denial.

The cats, both five-toed, and six-toed, viewed them as a nuisance and a sub-species. A view we didn’t share, but never bothered to argue either. We tried not to mettle. Despite being mistreated by cats, more mice preferred to live amongst them than goats. The lavish, fast-paced cat lifestyle, and its abundance of riches, was alluring.


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