Winning Baseball Naturally

Written by Seamus Shaggy, Winning Baseball Naturally was the first text of record containing hieroglyphs outside the original one hundred. It was considered the bridge between the old and the new, outlining not only the rules of baseball, its strategy and technique, but its origins, history and cultural importance to dogs. There was only one complete copy and its location was known only to the coaches of Infinity Club and the Barkingburgh family pack.

You can learn more about the hieroglyphs of dogs here, Hieroglyphs.


3 thoughts on “Winning Baseball Naturally

    • In our world, no such rule existed. As your rule is based on the judgement of an owl, or umpire, we’d never consider it. Yes, an infield fly ball put runners in double jeopardy, but that is the natural result of a poorly struck ball. The onus was on the batter not to hit an infield fly. This was our natural solution, cruel to the runner, perhaps, but consistent and closed to owl interpretation.

      I wouldn’t know where to begin explaining your infield fly rule with hieroglyphs. :). Thanks Terry -BB

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