Drums were embedded in Barkingburgh culture. They were used for many things, but initially, communication. The dinner, warning, and surf’s up drum rhythms were well known to all dogs. Drums were one of two kinds, large bass or snare drums.

They were also used by a couple of the clubs to support their baseball packs. They’d bang out different rhythms for hits, runs, strikeouts and other plays.

In addition to the practical uses for drums, all dog music was percussion. There weren’t horns or strings as with other species.

A sample of dog drumming can be heard in this Barkingburgh Promotional Video.


4 thoughts on “Drums

  1. hello baxter biscuits its dennis the vizsla dog hay we dogs play drums becuz it is eezy to wap the skins with owr paws but we hav to stick to like the bongos or the conga drums on akkownt of we cannot hold stiks becuz we do not hav thums!!! am i rite??? ok bye

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