More About Dogs

Family packs were matriarchal and dogs took the surnames of their mothers. Packs that formed outside of the family took a male for their leader.

Breeds, as you call them, didn’t exist. A dog with a breed for a surname may have resembled that breed and they may not have. For example, Brody Beagle was only part beagle. A pack of long-haired white dogs lived over the mountains, but even they had physical differences. I imagine there were once packs of identical looking dogs, but not during my time.

You can learn more about the dogs of Barkingburgh here, A Bit About Dogs.


6 thoughts on “More About Dogs

  1. hello baxter biscuits its dennis the vizsla dog hay we stil hav paks of identikal lukking dogs arownd heer we kall it the vizsla meetup!!! eeven i cant tel us apart!!! ha ha ok bye

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