Evolution to Eight Clubs

In the beginning there were four dog baseball clubs, Infinity, Stripe, Triangle and Arch. Through agreements, disagreements, and subterfuge the number expanded to six and finally eight.

First, members of Infinity Club left to pursue a philosophy they called natural existence, forming Bone Club. It was an amicable split. At the same time, members of the Stripe Club left to form Leaf Club. They disagreed about the ideal fertilizer composition.

Seasons later, members of Triangle Club left to make pizza, something the club was against. They formed Oval Club. All of the clubs, except Bone, eventually made pizza.

The origins of PI Club were interesting. A young member of Infinity, legend said, discovered a new statistic. He demonstrated its insight but refused to share it, and instead took followers with him to form PI. Some said he stole it from the Archives, while others said it never was, and only the pup’s ambition existed.



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