Drums were embedded in Barkingburgh culture. They were used for many things, but initially, communication. The dinner, warning, and surf’s up drum rhythms were well known to all dogs. Drums were one of two kinds, large bass or snare drums. They were also used by a couple of the clubs to support their baseball packs. […]


More About Goats

Goats took unique vows of silence. One goat might take a mutual vow with a sibling or friend, while another might never speak. They each had a personal reason for their choice. Though different, each vow allowed them to focus on listening, observing, anticipating and servicing the needs of others. They connected without words. The […]

Evolution to Eight Clubs

In the beginning there were four dog baseball clubs, Infinity, Stripe, Triangle and Arch. Through agreements, disagreements, and subterfuge the number expanded to six and finally eight. First, members of Infinity Club left to pursue a philosophy they called natural existence, forming Bone Club. It was an amicable split. At the same time, members of […]