Meat & Vegetables

We instinctively preferred meat, and pizza, but the smartest among us ate vegetables. Our favorites were broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, jombo peppers, and sweet taters. Stripe and Leaf club were our primary growers, but the other clubs and local families had gardens, too.

One club had nothing to do with vegetables, or even pizza, Bone Club. They were strict carnivores, and insisted that an all meat diet tapped in to their primal, natural dog, making them better, more aggressive ballplayers.

Bone was different, there’s no denying, and their diet may have contributed to that. They conducted carnivorous dietary experiments. One of the most famous being an all you can hunt and eat venison diet. Some of their membership seemed to thrive on it, but some of the smaller, less capable hunters took to stealing.


6 thoughts on “Meat & Vegetables

    • Thanks, I’m excited about it. Your grown up Huck & Tom book looks interesting as well, a natural curiosity given the historical time period. Good luck and thanks for stopping by. -BB

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