The Economy

We had what you’d call a barter economy. Unlike the coyotes and cats, we didn’t use gold coins. Instead, exchanges for goods and services were in kind. For example; the Leaf Club would give some tasty pasty to Bone Club for some sweet leaf they’d acquired in a trade with Triangle Club who’d gotten it from Stripe Club. It sounds more complicated than it really was, but trading was still a valued skill.

Clubs worked hard to keep up appearances, because need made them vulnerable. If word got out that they were short of a necessity, the other clubs would try to exploit them. This is where the saying, “Don’t trade with Triangle when you need meat,” came from.

The gold of the coyotes and the jewels of the cats had little value in Barkingburgh. There were dogs that accumulated fortunes in foreign currencies while traveling, but most squandered it before returning. Gold meant nothing to them, so they’d spend it freely.


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