We used hieroglyphs for our written communication. There were many variations, but they fell in to two major categories. The Ancient Hieroglyphic Style was the first, and an example is below. It consisted of one-hundred universally agreed upon symbols for common words. As the seasons passed we added symbols and subtle tweaks to represent tense, […]

Meat & Vegetables

We instinctively preferred meat, and pizza, but the smartest among us ate vegetables. Our favorites were broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, jombo peppers, and sweet taters. Stripe and Leaf club were our primary growers, but the other clubs and local families had gardens, too. One club had nothing to do with vegetables, or even pizza, […]

The Economy

We had what you’d call a barter economy. Unlike the coyotes and cats, we didn’t use gold coins. Instead, exchanges for goods and services were in kind. For example; the Leaf Club would give some tasty pasty to Bone Club for some sweet leaf they’d acquired in a trade with Triangle Club who’d gotten it […]