Stripe Club

The Stripe club dogs were farmers. They grew vegetables and local herbs. The most famous being something like basil called sweet leaf.

Their clubhouse was an adobe hut with holes placed in the roof for ventilation. It was the oldest and least thought out of the club houses. They used it only for storing pizza ovens, team supplies, and gardening tools. Meetings and gatherings were held outside.

Their vegetable and herb gardens produced well. The other clubs would barter for their produce.

In addition to their harvest, the Stripe club contributed to the local barter economy by providing advice and instruction in cloud reading. This skill was important for a few reasons, the most important being baseball. We wouldn’t begin a game if we knew it was going to rain.

Also, though they’d never admit it, Stripe club had a bit of an inferiority complex when it came to the Infinity club. They thought Infinity believed themselves superior. They’re not all together wrong, but Infinity’s teams were always better than theirs. Stripe regarded Infinity club as their rivals. Infinity did not concern themselves with the Stripe club on or off the baseball field.

Short Story – Journey to Barkingburgh


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