Most goats, certainly not all, but most, committed themselves to service. They routinely subordinated themselves to the other species, and each other. They cooked, cleaned and did the necessary but unpleasant chores. Do not confuse them with what you would call a slave. Though some were quite sad, they served by choice. Goats who served others the most were held in the highest regard.

The goat language had one peculiar pragmatic rule that caused confusion when translating to and from the common language of dogs. Any attempt to tell a goat to do something had a presumed negative. For example; to tell a goat, “Clean,” was to instruct him not to clean.

Instructions to do something were rarely needed as they were probably already busy doing it. However, if you needed to, it was best to put a no in front of your request. For example, “No clean, please,” would be a request to clean. The no made it a double negative.

Well travelled goats fluent in the common language of dogs knew this, but miscommunications still occurred. Mischievous goats, which were most, took advantage and had fun. Just because they served others didn’t mean they couldn’t tease them, too.

Short Story – Journey to Barkingburgh


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