An Introduction to Cats

We were friendly with the cats though we had nothing in common. They didn’t play baseball. Instead, they preferred silly solitary games like tennis, golf and chess.

Although we were friendly with the cats, they weren’t always friendly with each other. The six-toed cats and the five-toed cats were always at odds. The six-toes built and sailed the ships, trading throughout the known lands. The five-toes grew the valued herbs and spices they traded. Each side felt under appreciated by the other.

There were three major classes of cat ships. Crafties were the older cargo ships. They had three triangular sails and were relatively small. Spicies were the larger and newer cargo ships. These were like what you’d call a galley. Finally, they had fishies, for fishing. These were large, slow, single sail vessels with multiple nets.

Cat spices were many and varied. Here are a few you may recognize. Warmy is like cinnamon. Nutty seeds are like mustard seeds. Woody seeds are identical to coriander. Cats bartered these spices for goods all over the world.


12 thoughts on “An Introduction to Cats

    • Hi Nellie, it is interesting that you should ask. There were three queens. My dealings were primarily with the sailing merchant six toes, and they had one. I met her once, charming.

      The five toes had two, sisters who never agreed on the birth order. They resided within one kingdom, but each surrounded herself with their own court.

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