Bone Club

Bone Club consisted of dogs that were unusual in one way or another. Despite their differences and inability to get along internally, they shared a bonding ritual. They rolled in feces.

Their members were typically cast-offs from the other clubs, and over the seasons this created a unique unity within their ranks. To outsiders they always appeared at odds, but in actuality, they were quite close. Their fans were probably only second in enthusiasm to the Arch Club, and that’s debatable. Players and fans played snare drums during their games.

Each club had a main rival, but Bone Club was the other one they most wanted to beat. They were everyone’s rival.

They lived inland near a lake they called their own. They were the furthest club away from the beach and Infinity Club. Their clubhouse was a barn-like structure containing shelves of countless scent samples. Bone Club coaches taught a skill called olfactory deduction, the ability to find a scent through the identification and elimination of known scents. It was a respected skill among my kind as you can imagine.


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  1. (Apologies to my long time followers. This is a duplicate post from January. It was accidentally deleted last night so I reposted. Thank you for all of your feedback out in the blogosphere. -BB)

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