The Puddlers

Messenger dogs, or puddlers, were almost as highly thought of as baseball dogs. They were adventurous mutts who traveled the countryside spreading the news among the friendly species. Many of them, especially those that were senior, were fluent in more than one language.

The methods they used varied. In some cases, they simply delivered an intended message verbally. Other times, when the dog wasn’t home, they’d leave a puddle of urine that conveyed the same meaning. They’d also combine this method with something they called relaying. Messages sent long distances required relaying. One puddler would carry the message a certain distance, and another would pick it up and move it down the line. Amazingly, the system worked without miscommunication.

Privacy was very difficult to keep up. For every puddler who was an expert at masking a message, there was a talented nosy snoop capable of deciphering it.


15 thoughts on “The Puddlers

    • You’re welcome, I liked the seagulls on the old bridge pillars. Do they really migrate? We’re in Florida so I guess I’ve taken them for granted.

      Thanks to you, too. My first dog as a kid, Zippy, fascinated me with his, “Reading the messages along the way.” It was serious business.

      • I assume the seagulls migrate as they aren’t around in the summer. I’m glad you liked the seagulls on the bridge pillars!

        My beagle has raised the message reading to a whole new level of art. I can do a short walk and over-stimulate him with little difficulty. It truly is serious business for them.

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