Pi Club

The members of Pi Club were Barkingburgh’s statisticians. They provided scorekeepers for every game, and kept the historical records.

Their clubhouse was a circular stone tower. It was as permanent a structure as could be found in Barkingburgh. Stored vertically in bookshelves along the inner walls, with the oldest on bottom, were the records. For access, a rolling ladder extended to the highest point.

Pi Club coaches and their Top Division captain were the only dogs given unrestricted access to the records. The Alpha Leader of the Academy could have accessed them with permission, which was but a formality, but it was a formality that was still adhered to.

Before each new season, the other clubs were given the prior season’s statistics, but perhaps not all of them. Though no dog ever doubted the accuracy of Pi Club’s numbers, most believed they reserved certain calculations for their own private use.


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