Divisions & Promotion

Clubs drafted dogs in year one. If they refused to promote them after two seasons, another club could claim them and do so. There were four divisions, Junior, Senior, Transitional and the Top. Was there a stigma attached to playing down a division or getting claimed by another club? Yes.

Dogs would be promoted to the next division based on their prior year’s performance, and the tryouts. This was a tricky business. Coaches wanted to promote all their pups, but a pup who bats .200 is a pup who bats .200.

There were eight clubs, and each one operated under a different philosophy. Some clubs followed the written rule, grabbing up almost every dropped player that in their words was, “Given up on.” Others, viewed promotion as a matter of loyalty, and always moved their pups up. Each club self-righteously claimed theirs was the right way, but in truth, they all just wanted to win.


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