Surfing & Dogs

Unlike baseball, no one knows how or why dogs started surfing. It’s just something we’d always done and enjoyed.

It makes sense if you think about it. It was a rare dog who didn’t enjoy the water. Surfing was play, pure play, without the constraints of rules necessitated by competition. A dog could argue that surfing was a more natural pursuit for us than baseball. We didn’t keep score when we surfed. We did it for fun. We did it for the experience.

The two were similar, of course, baseball and surfing. We pursued both without a rigid sense of time. When the waves were right, we surfed. If a ball game was afoot, we played.

Both pursuits were thick with natural smells. The green grass, the foods and the breeze all touched our hearts. Similarly, the unmistakable scent of the sea made us feel whole. Without the familiar smells, frankly, I’m not sure we would’ve done either.

Within Barkingburgh Baseball Academy, the Infinity Club members were the unquestioned masters of the waves. They had a shore front clubhouse with a pier, the best instructors and the most opportunity to practice.

Outside of the Academy, the best surfers were, amazingly, cats. Very few of them surfed, but those that did? Masterful.

Yes, we loved to surf.


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