Origin of Dog Baseball

The informal beach game called Rocks is where dog baseball originated from. Rocks used two large shells for bases, a piece of driftwood for a bat, and a rock for a ball. It could and would be played with as few as two, or as many as a hundred dogs.

Roughly thirty big strides apart were the two shells, with one acting as home. The pitcher, or tosser, would lob the rock in underhand. It was the hitter’s, or striker’s, job to hit the rock and run back and forth between the two.

There were no foul balls or directional requirements when hitting, with one exception. A ball hit into the ocean was an automatic out.

If the striker got hit by a thrown rock, or tagged, he was out. All of the rock throwing did lead to the occasional injury. The fielder who made the out would become the new striker. Nobody kept score and they would play all day.

How the game evolved and spread to the other species is a matter of great dispute. However, even the coyotes acknowledge that modern baseball originated from Rocks.


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