Pi Club

The members of Pi Club were Barkingburgh’s statisticians. They provided scorekeepers for every game, and kept the historical records. Their clubhouse was a circular stone tower. It was as permanent a structure as could be found in Barkingburgh. Stored vertically in bookshelves along the inner walls, with the oldest on bottom, were the records. For […]

Divisions & Promotion

Clubs drafted dogs in year one. If they refused to promote them after two seasons, another club could claim them and do so. There were four divisions, Junior, Senior, Transitional and the Top. Was there a stigma attached to playing down a division or getting claimed by another club? Yes. Dogs would be promoted to […]

The Owls

Owls weren’t always used as umpires, as you call them. Fellow dogs used to serve in this capacity. However, conflicts were common. We dogs, by our very nature, were pack animals and therefore loyal. Real and imagined favoritism happened all the time. We just couldn’t call the game objectively, and the barking that resulted took […]