Oval Club Pizza

Dogs loved pizza. All of the clubhouse pizza parlors had something special about their pies, and of course each club claimed there’s was the best. However, as an impartial dog who was never a member, I can truthfully state that Oval Club’s was tops. Their oval shaped crust was thin with just the right amount of crisp. This was the result of the consistent high heat of their coal burning ovens. The other clubs tried to duplicate it, but didn’t have a reliable source of coal and had to rely on wood. Their oven temperatures fluctuated and could never get quite hot enough.

Baked into the bottom of Oval’s crust was a fragrant green herb similar to what you would call oregano, but also similar to Italian parsley. We called it tasty leaf. Their tomato sauce was sweet and not overly complex. The cheese was a mozzarella supplied by a Barkingburgh alumnus who also happened to be in Oval Club. He refused to barter with the other clubs for his cheese.

Yes, Oval Club pizza was something special. It was a rare treat for a dog outside their club to get a slice.


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